Monday, 3 September 2012

taking a breath

Yoga reminds me to breathe. Meditation reminds me that my mind isn’t running my life and the need for stillness is a prerequisite of the soul. Like every other woman that I know or have ever heard of, I am still searching for the something that chews on my gut at 3am, and whispers in my ear while my mind chatters incessantly. Having a baby was supposed to be the answer but of course, as every mother discovers, a child is the source of endless joy but does not relieve the soul of its endless quest. I am still searching. Recently, I have started to take an approach that is somewhat less deep and troubled, and tread a little more lightly. I began by setting the weight on my shoulders aside and learning how to breathe again. As my heart beat began to settle and my breathe got louder, stillness arose and I found it easier to gain clarity on where my gut was telling me to look. Within. I am slowly recognizing the source that I’m sure is connecting us all. It is the same energy behind our breathless anxiety attacks; it’s the electricity moving behind every touch of the person we love when the moment takes us; it’s the wind bustling the leaves on a blustery day; and the connectedness we feel when yoga finally works to stretch our fragile frames into a position of peace, and meditation brings us to the brink of unconscious sleep.

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